At 20:20 on May 11th, with last container shipped in place on "COSCO France", Qingdao port fully automated container terminal finished the first commercial operation. According to statistics, the total amount of box operation was 3858, with crane productivity reached 26.1 TEUs per hour and vessel efficiency of 161.2 TEUs per hour, making the highest first vessel operation efficiency of automated container worldwide.



It is known that "COSCO France" volume is 13386TEU, which is the first container vessel berthing above 10 thousand TEU since vessel test of automated container terminal of Qingdao port. It put forward higher request to the terminal equipment, the stability and reliability of the system. During the operation, 7 QCs, 38 ASCs, 38 AGVs were all put into operation with smooth system running and high efficiency. The highest work efficiency proved that Qingdao port automated container terminal has reached the world advanced level of automated terminal worldwide.